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Too chic

It’s that way we talk over here. Do you believe? Yes. The DECABRÓN was born out of a desire to do something that surprised people. By the tasty, by design, by design, by quality, by funny or just because we are from a small city in São Paulo. We start in 2012 after we back from Chile, with some idea on our mind, but without never had planted a pepper or manufactured a retail product. From there to here a lot of things happened- a lot- and we are grateful for that because nothing would make sense if we don’t conquer you. In a sauce, in a label, in memory, in a shirt or a wish. This is what matters. So, enjoy this roll and we wait for that together, we continue this history. Too chic, right?

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The fearless Chincho

Discovery the true history about our fearless Pepper Master, Chincho Cabrón.

DeCabrón Chillis - Coisas calientes acontecem aqui.


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Solutions on Food Service

Try to make an upgrade to your recipe on your restaurant operation. We have an amazing portfolio to help so many different areas: chains of fast food, restaurants, hotel, catering, etc. To us, it does not just make a big bottle. It’s understood all the needs to help you make the difference with your clients.


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Our success is only worth if our clients are really pleased, and that the internet doesn't lie. That's why we make sure we show our social networks ratings.

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Commitment to Hamburger

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DECABRÓN is a partner of several hamburger shop. We have together a compromise with the Brazil’s hamburger universe, bringing innovation and improvements to the lovers of this national passion.

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Our factory is located in a fully restored and certified former early 20th century coffee warehouse. We have an infrastructure to meet the most stringent standards of food control and handling. We seek to keep the whole soul of “hecho a mano” in our production line, prioritizing the quality of the final product without losing personality. With a loyal and dedicated team, improvement and the pursuit of improvement is constant. And rest assured, the tireless eyes of Chincho Cabrón are always following the execution of its secrets.

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business contact

Want to resell in your store? Use as an ingredient in your restaurant? Buy to distribute? For us to be able to serve you the best way, we need your contacts and understand a little of your profile to be as accurate as possible. Please fill out the form on the side with your information that our team that takes care of the business strategy will progress to your service.

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